Strategic Planning

Join us on Tuesday, November 14, 9am to 1pm

You are invited to participate in the next stage of the strategic planning process for the East Lyme Library to be held on November 14. You can join up to two of the eight working groups to more fully develop the proposed projects which have been allocated to goals areas. Please RSVP to Sue Guida ( or 860-739-6926 x311) or Lisa Timothy ( or 860-739-6926 x313) by Monday, November 6.

The two sessions (each of four working groups) from which to choose are listed below:

Session 1: 9am-10:45am

1. Leadership, Staffing and Professional Development: How the library recruits and develops staff and other talent in order to adapt to changing patterns of service demand and delivery.

2. Marketing, Promotion and Advocacy: How the library makes citizens, community groups and others in the community aware of the value of its service offerings, both offered directly and with partners.

3. Technology, systems and future infrastructure needs: How the library makes use of the physical infrastructure, including buildings and technologies as well as the supporting systems, methods, processes and systems necessary to enable the library to function and deliver the services at current and future locations.

4. Programming and events: How well the events and programming are aligned with community needs and interests.

Discussion: 90 minutes. Report back: 15 minutes


Session 2: 11:00am-12:45pm

5. Services Innovation and Collection Building: How the library develops and maintains collections, and what new collections it develops in order to deliver an evolving mix of services.

6. Governance, Policies, Coordination and Resource Sharing: How the library makes decisions, who is responsible, the relevance and usefulness of policies, how to make better use of talent, physical and financial resources.

7. Expanding the Role of the Library and Partnering: How the library collaborates with stakeholders and service providers to deliver services more efficiently or effectively than either can alone, especially those services which are vital to the success of the town and its citizens or deal with unmet needs.

8. Funding, financial health, capital investments, budgeting:  How the library is funded, the new capital investments that need to be made, re-allocation of funds from services no longer required to new services.

Discussion: 90 minutes. Report back: 15 minutes

For more information and registration please call 860-739-6926