38th Annual Fund Drive

Director’s Message 38th Annual Fund Drive

 The 38th Annual Fund Drive dog represents beloved and faithful companionship, a fitting symbol for the town library. This year marks the library’s 120th year providing the town of East Lyme with information for a variety of purposes such as education, rationality, and entertainment.  Neighbors, friends and strangers meet here to learn from each other, reminisce, and encounter new ideas. Our role as a cornerstone of democracy has never seemed more important.

 But as Library Board President Holly Cheeseman’s message indicates, we face a growing magnitude of challenges lately. Demanding budget issues exist at the town, state and federal levels, forming a triple threat to the quality of services we provide. The state’s book delivery system between libraries has imploded and restoration costs will be significant. Upcoming changes in the use of the town elementary school buildings may provide the library with new opportunities for improved services.  In order to best position ourselves for these opportunities the library will undergo a long overdue strategic planning process during the next year. Grant funding and donations you have made to previous fund drives will pay for the strategic planning process.

 Your donations during the past year bought a wildly popular subscription to the state-of- the-art online learning database Lynda.com. Annual fund drive funds supported the Story Path at Bridebrook Park and helped to expand our growing homebound delivery program. We’ve replaced furniture that was decades old in some cases. We converted the library’s financial accounting program to a stronger software system, bought a new dvd cleaner so our dvd’s will last longer, and replaced a piece of equipment that had an expensive maintenance contract with a much less expensive but still suitable substitute. These funds also purchased the usual museum passes, books, audiovisual materials and programs. I can’t thank you enough for your past donations, or emphasize enough how important they are. Please consider a donation to this year’s fund drive today.

 As always, Library Friends and Patrons contributing up to $99.00 will be acknowledged in our Annual Report. Sponsors and Benefactors contributing $ 100.00 and more will be included in our Annual Report and acknowledged on our annual wall mounted placard in the library.

 Thank you for your consideration.

 Lisabeth Timothy, Director



President's Message:

I hope the puppy on the front cover brought a smile to your face. I hope every trip to the library does the same and that a metaphorical tail is wagging, like this puppy’s, when you discover a great author, join in a program or explore a new online resource. I know mine certainly does. However, nowadays, sometimes it is hard to keep those tails wagging.

There can be few among you who are unaware of the immense financial challenges facing our state. Not a day goes by without some new piece of bad news, from growing unfunded pension liabilities to news of another company closing its doors or leaving the state to declining revenue. No municipality is immune from the state’s woes. As a result, libraries like our wonderful one here in East Lyme face even greater challenges as demand for an ever-widening array of services grows. Our superb executive director Lisa Timothy and the library staff work hard every day to meet the needs of all our library patrons, from the tiniest toddlers to the most senior of our citizens, from story time to shopping carts for books, from the latest bestsellers to the most up-to-date databases.

You, our generous donors and supporters, are more important than ever. Your gifts will allow the library to continue to offer the outstanding programming and resources that you have come to expect. 

On behalf of the library’s board of trustees, staff and volunteers, I would like to thank you for your past support and thank you in advance for your continuing generosity.

Holly Cheeseman

President, Board of Trustees