Artwork by Mimi Mountain

Artwork by Mimi Mountain

Director’s Message 39th Annual Fund Drive

Crocus flowers are a sign of early spring in New England, but flowers in this genus also bloom in autumn and winter. More than 90 species of this iris exist. The English name crocus crosses over from Latin, but origins of the word also trace back to a Greek word on loan from Semantic languages such as Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic. The very earliest origins of the word date to an ancient Sanskrit word meaning saffron, as the stigmas of Crocus sativus provide the valuable spice saffron. Because of their perseverance, universality, value, and diversity we picked the crocus flower to grace the cover of our 39th Annual Fund Drive.

This year marks the library's 121st year of providing the entire town of East Lyme with accurate information, continuing education, meeting places, and entertainment. Our well-prepared staff locates any information you need, advises on the latest trends in fiction and non-fiction reading, helps you navigate your newest technology device and pilots you through a multitude of other services. The library offers outstanding programs on a myriad of topics for residents of all ages. We provide books for the school's summer reading list and a number of quality programs for the town's children in order to enhance their literacy and life-long learning skills.

I can't thank you enough for your past donations - what a difference they have made to our library! Last year's donations purchased museum passes, paid for our and JobNow databases, provided an updated router and wiring system for our computer network, bought new printers and lamps, and continued to make available expert help in converting our accounting system to a more productive and efficient software system. Being able to purchase these items with your donations freed up funds in our budget to pay for a private delivery system through the LION consortium that has restored our inter-library loan delivery capacity.

We were also able to set aside a small amount of money in order to begin the process of implementing some of the suggestions that came out of the strategic planning process we undertook last year. Ideas for the library's future include enhanced programs, more online services, a continuing emphasis on our "books" role in the community, and eventually, a revised Community Center space. If we raise enough funds, we would like to update the Story Path we installed at Bridebrook Park two years ago.

Library Friends and Patrons contributing up to $99.00 will be acknowledged in our Annual Report. Sponsors and Benefactors contributing $100.00 and more will be included on our Annual Report and acknowledged on our annual wall mounted placard in the library.

Thank you for your support!

 Lisabeth Timothy, Director

President's Message:

The lovely flowers on the cover of this appeal conjure up visions of summer – certainly a prospect we can relish after a long cold winter and dreary spring. If you are anything like me, I am a bit tired of gray days and cold rainy nights. With any luck, July and August will bring sunshine, flowers, and those long-awaited balmy days.

When dreary cold days keep us indoors, our wonderful East Lyme Public Library and all it provides become even more important. The library offers the chance to pick up that book one has been meaning to read or the film one has longed to view. For children, there is the vast array of programs with Miss Rebecca, the children’s librarian. Perhaps the prolonged winter offered the time and the chance to learn a new language with Mango or a new skill using The East Lyme Public Library offers a world of resources, many of which are available online without even leaving the warm comfort of home.

Lisa Timothy, the library’s director, and her dedicated staff work very hard to ensure that you, our library patrons, have what you and your families need, from the latest best seller to the most relevant, and up-to-date online databases. Despite the fiscal challenges faced by our town and state, the library staff continues to work magic to keep the library a vital, welcoming, indispensable community asset.

Your generous support helps make this excellence possible. Every gift received allows the library to maintain and expand its offerings and deal with the challenges and opportunities to our rapidly changing world. Please help ensure that the library continues to flower with your gift today to our annual appeal.

On behalf of the library’s board of trustees, staff, and volunteers, I would like to thank you for your past support and thank you in advance for your continuing generosity.

Holly Cheeseman
President, Board of Trustees