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The Dog Listener

Spend the evening with Dog Listener Pat Wright. Learn how to bring your dog to peace and solve the problem of unwanted behaviors. Pat has studied in England with the original Dog Listener, Jan Fennell, and has graduated from all class levels offered. Pat has also worked as the highest ranking Dog Listener in the United States of the Jan Fennell International Team of Dog Listeners as well as a mentor to other Dog Listeners around the world. Pat has studied wolf behavior with biologists in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming on three different occasions. Some of the many topics discussed are pulling on the lead, jumping up, aggression, separation anxiety, and excessive barking. You will also learn how to get willing cooperation with your dog to perform any task at hand. Pat mixes in some very entertaining experiences from her many years of Dog Listening throughout New England. Please call (860) 739-6926 to reserve your seat. Please leave Fido at home for this program.