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Policies Governing Use of Facilities

A.    Available Facilities
The following facilities are available for non-library use on approval of written application.
1.    East Lyme Room (maximum 50 people) (25 at tables)
2.    Children’s Program Room (maximum 25 people)
3.    Audio/Visual Equipment

B.    Hours of Use
The facilities will be available for use during regularly scheduled open hours. When the Library has regular scheduled commitments, the facilities will not be available during those periods. Request for use of facilities at other times will be reviewed on an individual basis. Groups should end programming ten (10) minutes before the Library closes.

C.    Type of Users
Use of the library facilities by individuals or groups is encouraged for public gatherings of a civic, cultural, or educational purpose.  Rooms are not available for meetings of a social, money-raising, religious purpose, or for the benefit of private individuals or commercial concern.

D.    Application Procedure
The Program Director will process applications in order of receipt. Date will only be confirmed upon receipt of application.

E.    Rules of Use to be Observed
1.    Every use will have a designated individual responsible for supervision during room use and cleaning up afterwards.
2.    No smoking is permitted in any area of the Library.
3.    No food or beverages.
4.    Groups are not to use the library address or telephone number as their own.
5.    Users may provide their own audio/visual equipment or use the library equipment providing the operator is familiar with AV equipment.
6.    Nothing is to be taped to walls or glass doors.

F.    Fees and Expenses
No fees are charged for use of either the Children's Room or the East Lyme Room.


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